Terms & conditions to hire an autopapas car in Crete

  1. Driver’s age: at least 23 years old.
  2. Drivers license: valid for at least one year.
  3. Traffic fines: renter is responsible for any traffic fine incurred during the rental period.
  4. Insurance: rental rates include the following coverages:
    • Third Party Liability (Bodily Injuries), up to 500.000,00 €
    • Third Party Liability (Material Damage), up to 500.000,00 €
    • Collision damage waiver (C.D.W.).
  5. Fuel: purchased by the renter.
  6. Baby seats: no charge, available on request.
  7. Additional driver: no charge.
  8. Legal information concerning the online presence of our car rental:
    • Autopapas assumes no liability or guarantee for the completeness and correctness of the provided information.
    • Autopapas assumes no liability for damage sustained by visitors to the autopapas website or the external third partie websites in connection with the use of these websites and the provided information.
    • Autopapas assumes no liability for the performance of third-party services presented on this website.